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Atom Xquare

Your One-Stop Business Technology Solution

CES 2019

Atom Xquare can help you bring your project from concept to reality.

Our Specialty:

Algorithm Programming

Cloud Based Application

Digital Signal Processing

Sensor Technology

Electrical / Bluetooth Sensor

Human Machine Interface

Retail Marketing

Supply Chain Management

Brand Development

What We Do


3Bays stands on the cutting edge of innovation, develops the state-of-the-art technologies on sports equipments. We design and market electronic gadgets for various sports. Our recognized expertise in the fields of motion sensing and sports science has positioned 3Bays as an exceptional player with new excitement to the sports industry. With the help of our engineering advancements and numerous patents, we commit to contributing to the world by innovation and creativity.

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Capsulier stands on the innovative design, develops the most advanced technologies on home appliances.  Our expertise in the fields of mechanical design and operation flow of production has positioned Capsulier as a beverage capsule maker to all coffee and tea lovers.

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Our Subsidiaries

Our Subsidiaries

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