AX is


Origin of Name

Atom is the smallest unit that constitutes a chemical element. It is an extremely small object. One or more different atoms can form various substances in the world. It represents exactly the belief of our team. We can exhibit the greatest possibility by uniting and combining the strength of everyone. This strength is not just increased by the power of sq (square), but multiplied by power of X (xquare) infinitely. With everyone's talents, we can realize the unlimited possibility in electronic industry. We offer highest-quality products and services. We make the world a better place.

About us

Atom Xquare Limited is an electronic technology company with products & services that focuses on  design, development and manufacture of high-quality electronic products. The company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive design solutions, including product design, circuitry hardware design, application software development, mechanical design, project management, testing and approval, supply chain management, manufacturing testing and production support, etc.

The company possesses an efficient, innovative while also diversified team from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customers with professional technical support and after-sales service. Through more than 20 years of product development and business liaison for international brand customers, in addition to infusing new technology and thinking into project development, we are keeping strict quality control and continuous technological innovation in product design and manufacturing to ensure that products are with high quality and reliability. The company's products have been used in many fields, including consumer electronics, communications, medical, industrial automation, energy, etc.


To be the number one electronic technology company in Asia Pacific, to infuse new technology and thinking to customers, and create competitive and high-quality electronic products.


Making use of everyone’s unique talents bestowed by God, we encourage and help each in the team to realize their dreams and lifestyles by unveiling their best strengths through the working environment and platform of Atom Xquare.

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