Why Us


With more than 25 years of diverse experience in system integration of all activities in product development, we are well received by top-tier branded customers, that they easily understand our work process from concept stage to production, even to commercialization.

Need any tech. advise? We are specialized in all kinds of sensors, connectivity, algorithms, platforms, and solutions for you to choose from. There must always be a way that we are able to work out with you.

Customers can definitely notice our confident faces and exceptional team spirit. We always do our best and work everything timely and responsibly. We are willing to establish long-term cooperative relationship. 

Many peculiar and even absurd questions are often asked during research and development. Having kept in mind of making the impossible possible, our nearly 50 patents achieved simply shows how creative we have been, and yet, how much more we can go along. 

Acquired absolute trust and close acquaintance of numerous international branded customers that collaborating for over 15 years, we walk through journey with them from concept to productization, our experts help both MNC (multi-national customer) and SMC (small, mid-size enterprise) to make their dream come true, resulting in launch of over 30 million units to global market.

Our customers are based globally including US, Europe and Asia, so does our understanding and perspective towards them technically and commercially. We keep our pace up-to-dated of every need from different continents, at any time, and in anywhere.

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