The World's First Single-push, Reusable, Mess-free Capsule Maker

Craft a coffee capsule that’s easy on the environment and your budget

Create your own capsule with exotic beans and handpicked spices. Load the roasted and ground beans into the Capsulier, close the lid, and push the lever, you’ll have a capsule ready for use in seconds. The Capsulier LITE gives you a capsule that’s reusable, which means you can create your own custom blends in pods that are eco-friendly, easy to clean and economical.

The Design: Convenient, Quick, and Easy to Use

Designed in Hong Kong

My goal was to create an object that was aesthetically pleasing, but also versatile and functional, with a discreet beauty that should feel right at home on any counter.

— Damian, Product Design

A Companion to your capsule machine

Our design embodies a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The Capsulier is a companion piece to your coffee machine, compact and understated, designed to sit comfortably alongside most coffee machines and gadgets.

Just 4 steps to make your own taste coffee capsule!

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