Through meticulous observation, we have carefully studied different environments, including product design, human aesthetics, interface design, and product architecture. We have tailored specific features and usage methods to meet the diverse needs of our target customers. By doing so, we aim to enhance the representativeness of our products and help build a distinct brand image for our customers.


Introducing the next-generation intelligent system that allows you to experience a truly versatile smart home system. With ENNO, you no longer have to worry about configuring various devices. In just a few simple steps, ENNO seamlessly connects all your smart devices, providing you with the most convenient experience through the high-quality Apple HomeKit system.


ENNO revolutionizes the way you interact with your home appliances. It effortlessly integrates a wide range of both traditional wired devices and cutting-edge wireless devices into a unified system. With ENNO, you gain complete control over your entire home's electrical equipment.

Gone are the days of complicated setups and compatibility issues. ENNO simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly connect all your devices in just a few simple steps. Through the power of the state-of-the-art Apple HomeKit system, ENNO provides you with the utmost convenience and a truly immersive smart home experience.

Whether you prefer to command your appliances through intuitive voice control or fine-tune their settings within the user-friendly app, ENNO caters to your every need. It empowers you to effortlessly manage and customize each appliance according to your preferences, all from the palm of your hand.

Experience the future of smart living with ENNO, where seamless integration, comprehensive control, and unparalleled convenience converge to elevate your home to new heights.


Display sensitivity (accurate response like your personal electronic device)
Touch key (Flawless metallic finishing)


Traditional WIRED control system + Apple HomeKit WIRELESS control system + PROFESSIONAL programmable system (device control)


Multiple scene-setting supported + Multiple conditions /criteria to control specific parameters, such as time, sensor and locations

Peaceful night

Movie theatre

Energizing morning

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