System Integration

To meet the requirements of each customer in the product concept, we advice professional alternatives on a variety of suitable solutions. Our team deliver a proficient in a variety of different platform experience, to the ultimate optimisation, We are specialised in portable and compact product.

Android OS Development

It is not easy to pass the requirements of Android OS. Since the first generation of Android OS, we have developed different types of products or solutions, and assisted our customers, to bring products to the market. We have developed many products over the years, such as smart watch, set top box, tablet, mobile phone, and kitchenware.

Sensing Technology

We have a strong algorithm team that can make all kinds of sensors to create a lot of different products, especially our own brand 3Bays, the golf swing analyser. It can apply high-speed and high-impact force with professional algorithm team to get ultra-high accuracy swing monitors.

Mechatronic Development

Mechatronic is a proficient specialty, we are expertise in the electronics industry. And we have a mechanical dynamics team, which our team can create various solutions to solve a power conversion problem, such as Capsulier, the coffee capsule machine, that a lot of difficulties has been solved.



With more than 25 years (nearly 30 years) of experience in product development and assisting top-tier brands on product development and production. Our excellent team solve a variety of problems.

We are specialised in all kinds of sensors, platforms, solutions for You to choose from. There must be a way out that we are able to work it out.

Our customers can definitely notice our staffs have team spirit regardless of each other. We do my best and do everything well, and we are willing to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

Many strange problems often occur in the process of research and development. Our team always remind’ ourselves about turning the impossible into possible’, seeing that nearly 50 patents have been created. And yet, it will be more to go along.

A number of international big brands have been cooperating with us for more than 15 years. From concept to an actual product development, our experts help both MNC (multi-national companies) and SME (small and med-size enterprises) customers with a result of over 30 million units have been launched.

Our customers are based in different countries including Europe and United States, so we ought to have a in-depth understanding of the different product specifications of each country, and successfully complete the design of various products.

Our speciality is about finding a variety of suitable platforms, choosing which technology is most suitable for the specific company, and linking various solutions together, to reach the best performance.

Developing a product requires a variety of different materials, years of experience, we have a good and seamless supporting team. No matter in which product development project, we have different professional experience sharing. That, You will certainly experience along with us.


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