We are specialist in developing and making compact, hand-held portable, and sleek professional devices through leveraging of our expertise in mechatronic design and AIOT technology. They are achieved by our over 20 year experiences in system integration of firmware, embedded software, hardware, sensing integration via various means of connectivity, APP application and cloud analytics. Our dream and our aim is to make customer’s new idea come true by providing our best ultimate solutions among alternatives, in which we infuse best technological advantages, resolve different industry problems, enhance product optimization and quality, and most of all, we make the product certified, commercialized, manufacturable and profitable. This is core value and competency of our team


With our proficiency in multi-sensor integration and thanks to our strong algorithm team, we can seamlessly incorporate various sensors into our designs. Whether it's motion sensors, environmental sensors, biometric sensors, or specialized sensors such as sport science detection, Giro sensor or air/water related for unique applications, we make ultra-fine tuning possible, our expertise allows us to enhance functionality and deliver exceptional user experiences. We make ordinary electronics extraordinary.


Power Management is key to optimizing energy saving and utilization. It is the department unlocking the possibility of long hour usage and enabling precise, compact and portable design possible. It is the vital design defining usage of power effectively and efficiently, and is implemented according to different requirement and functionality of products from customers. We collaborate with prominent IC manufacturers so as to modify the lower layer of IC, open the API, and ultimately meet the customer’s requests. We have successfully launched products applying low power system such as high end smart oven and wireless oven probe.


Our customers valued so much of our practical experience in harnessing connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, RFID, etc.. in standalone or multi-connected environments. In particular the implementation of Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) Broadcast that used for device status, device tagging, tracking, and positioning, BLE Fast Data Transmission for tracking device motion status and controlling AIoT device operation, and BLE Networking for communication and control between multiple devices. And the Cloud server interaction, control, and management with Bluetooth BLE devices


With our deep understanding of AIOT, we create tailored solutions that meet specific customer requirements in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape. From concept to production, we seamlessly integrate AI capabilities, sensors, connectivity, APP and intelligent algorithms to deliver innovative AIOT consumer products. We are able to connect to various cloud services such as Ali Cloud, Google, and Amazon Cloud, and to work AI solution provider to facilitate data analysis. Our holistic approach combines the optimization of mechanical, electrical, firmware, and AIOT elements, resulting in cutting-edge products that provide convenience, intelligence, and seamless connectivity for consumers.


Mechatronics is our specialty that we have been mastering in advanced product design based on our strong foundation as proficient expertise in electronics industry. Our mechatronic product design approach optimizes the integration of mechanical, electrical, and firmware components, ensuring exceptional performance and functionality, creating simpler and smarter systems. We managed resolving a power conversion problems in our product “Capsulier” - the ultimate coffee capsule machine, and overcoming lot of other design challenges of air and pressure flow in another product medical grade “Oxygen Concentrator”.

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