Copy of Oxygen concentrator OLD


  • Adjust automatically according to physical condition
  • Military and Medical Grade Specifications
  • FAA-approved on aircraft
  • Light-weight, High Quality, Reliable
  • Capable 4000 meters above sea level
  • Extreme weather condition between -10 and 43 degree Celsius


Suitable for extreme conditions

In extreme weather condition, or extreme high above sea level, it can stably provide high-concentration oxygen to reduce the chance of getting altitude sickness or hypoxia symptom.

Unique, convenient and lightweight body

It weighs 2.3kg, and the durable appearance design tolerates minor crash fault. The detachable molecular sieve and battery is replaceable that also reduces the inconvenience of assembly and disassembly compared with those in the current market.

Multiple Setting

Modes Different setting and detection modes meet various needs; including pulse type, automatic oxygen injection, flow control, time control, and energy saving.

App control management

The status of the oxygen generator can be monitored on the mobile app. And it can adjust settings and modification based on personal’s need. It is more convenient to use.

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